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S1200JF High Anti-interference Accuracy Needle Detector Machine(specially designed for textiles) 
商品简介: ST1200JF防强磁高精度家纺专用检针机采用最先进的磁感应检测技术,运用最新的电脑控制系统,通过采样系统可过滤干扰型号,使机器工作更稳定。该机采用上下磁路对称检测结构,减少磁辐射,符合绿色环保概念,检测通道内磁路闭环检测,提高检测精度和抗强磁干扰能力,减少误判率,适应较恶劣的工作环境。

S1200JF adopts the most advanced magnetic detecting technology, use the latest computer control system, through sampling system to filter jamming signal, make the machine work more stable. The machine adopts magnetic circuit symmetry detection structure, reduce the magnetic radiation. In line with the green environmental protection concept, magnetic circuit in detection channel get closed-loop, improve the detection precision and the ability to resist strong magnetic interference, reduce misjudgment rate, to adapt to the harsh working environment.
1.Wide design, the use of double row multiplex electromagnetic sensors, widely used at the detecting of home textile products, mattresses and other wide products;
2. Full computer statistics, account conforming product, non-conforming and total amount for a working period;
3. Set with thick and thin material conversion, can respectively to test the thick or thin material;
4. Equipped with protection device, the conveyor belt will never wandering;
5. Full computer automatic function, automatic alarm, automatic stop/start, a button to run the machine.
6. Green environmental protection design concept, get automatic shutdown function for idle running;
7. Get Indicator for work environment disturbances and indicator for the position of Ferrous Fragment;
8. Strong magnetic interference resistance ability, high reliability, to adapt to the environment, high sensitivity, etc.


Detecting Mode:        electro-magnetic induction
Detecting Ability:     Fe Φ1.20mm
Detecting Adjustment:  Step-less adjustment
Detecting Width:       1200mm (Standard Type)
Detecting Height:      150mm
Alarm Mode:            Beep
Belt Speed:           (approx.) 30m/min
Power Supply:          Single-phase 220V, 50HZ
Rated Output:         (approx.) 225W
Dimension:             1650(L)×1580(W)×1000(H)mm
Weight:               (approx.) 400kg