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HD-S9000 High Anti-interference Accuracy Double-head Needle Detector Machine 

the machine adopts the most advanced magnetic detecting technology, using the latest computer control system, Integrates a two-headed multiplex detection, and can realize any detection head can work independently . The machine adopts magnetic circuit symmetry detection structure, reduce the magnetic radiation, in line with the green environmental protection concept, detection channel and magnetic circuit closed-loop detection, improve the detection precision and the ability to resist strong magnetic interference, reduce misjudgment rate, to adapt to the harsh working environment.

1. With double row of multiplex electromagnetic sensors, mostly used to detect the garments, shoes, caps, textiles, etc.;
2. Full computer statistics, nonconforming product to account for a working period, non-conforming and total amount;
3. Set with thick and thin material conversion, can respectively to test the thick or thin material;
4. Is equipped with protection device, the conveyor belt will never wandering;
5. Full computer automatic function, automatic alarm, automatic stop/start, a key run.
6. Green environmental protection design concept, idle running automatic shutdown function;
7. Indicator with work environment disturbances and detect the breakage position indicator;
8. Strong magnetic interference resistance ability, high reliability, to adapt to the environment, high sensitivity, etc.

Detecting Mode:        electro-magnetic induction
Detecting Ability:     Fe Φ0.8mm
Detecting Adjustment:  Step-less adjustment
Detecting Width:       600mm (Standard Type)
Detecting Height:      100mm
Alarm Mode:            Beep
Belt Speed:            (approx.) 30m/min
Power Supply:          Single-phase 220V, 50HZ
Rated Output:          (approx.) 165W
Dimension:             2300(L)×1180(W)×950(H)mm
Weight:                (approx.) 360kg