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Product Detail
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Biomass Steam Boiler

Product Superiority

1.Energy saving, thermal efficiency can reach 90%, 30% energy saving than similar products

2.Environmental protection, smokeless and dust-free, the fuel is green biomass raw materials

3.Safety, run on ordinary pressure, no explosion threats

4.Self-control, microcomputer clip is imported from South Korea, fully automatic operation, automatic ignition, automatic filling water, automatic feeding materials, unmanned operation

5.Small outline, big power (which can be adjusted freely)

6.Cost saving,a 50KG Biomass steam boiler supports 8-10 ironing board, equal to a 36KW electrical heating steam boiler. But the cost is one-sixth of electrical heating steam boiler, and one-third of oil fired steam boiler.

Production Specifications

50KG 80KG 100KG 200KG 500KG 1T 2T 5T