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HD-650CE Needle Detector 


1. Adopt high-quality ABS enclosure, beautiful appearance, light weight;
 2. Able to calculate the qualified products, rejects and total amount;
 3. Able to detect the thick material and super thin material respectively;
 4. Equipped with the controlling apparatus which can correct the conveying belt
 5. Fully computer-control auto switch, no need to push start button frequently;
 6. Automatic power-saving function with environment-saving principle;
 7. Equipped with environment monitor which can directly look over the work environment of machines
 8. Broken-needle location indicator which can find the location of broken needle directly;
 9. With auto-alarm and auto-return function;
 10. It features good immunity, high reliability, and stable sensitivity;


Detecting Mode:      magnetic induction
 Detecting capacity: iron ball Φ1.00mm
 Sensitivity set:    stepless
 Detecting width:    600mm; height: 100mm
 Alarm mode:         beep
 Conveyor speed:     about 30m/min
 Power:              single-phase 220V, 50V
 Consumed Power:     about 110W
 Dimension:          1050(L)×1650(W)×900(H)mm
 Weight:             about 190kg