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Product Detail
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Product Features:

It is mainly used in shoe-making process according to the characters of shoe production line.To detect the instep,insole,outsole and finished shoes.

1.Adopt the latest antimagnetic machine core and imported device,with anti-magnetic interference,anti-vibration and good corrsion resistance.

2.The amount of qualified products,unqualified products and the total amount of products can be calculated respectively.

3.Applicable for big or small objects separately.

4.Automatically adjust the belt deviation,the belt will not be deflect.Has the alarm system when the belt leaves the normal track,to ensure the life of the belt as long as it can be .

5.With the design of environment protection concept ,auto electrictly saving.

6.With environment monitor and location indicator for broken needles and ferrous fragment.

7.Auto-alarm when broken needle or ferrous fragment is detected.

8.Auto-return function ,can adjust the return distance for big or small objects.

9.Detecting height is the same as the size of package of 19# shoes,so it is usually used for quality control of finished shoes.

Technical parameters:

Detecting Mode :           Magnetic Induction

Detecting Ability:         Φ1.20mm Ferrous Fragment

Detecting Adjustment:      Step-less Adjustment

Detecting Width:           600mm

Detecting Height:          160mm(Standard Type)

Alarm Mode :               Beep

Belt Speed:                (approx.)30m/min

Power Supply:              Single-phase 220V,50HZ

Rated Output:             (approx.)110W

Dimension:                 1650(L)x1050(W)x960(H)mm

Weight:                   (approx.)250KG